Finish The Damn Book Challenge! © 2016
And the Winner  is EVA  Moore! Congratulations Eva!

Are you ready for Cherry Adair's Finish The Damn Book Challenge! © 2017
Contest runs from April 1st 2017 to January 15th 2018
YES! I"M READY! WHEN CAN I SIGN UP?:  Between March 1st and April 1st
WHERE DO I SIGN UP?:  "This Hot Link" will be active March 1st
WHEN DO I SIGN UP:  by April 1st
Late entry by special permission - Contact  Cherry
Contest fee: Non refundable commitment fee $35.00

April 1st 2017 - January 15th 2018



FTDB Challenge is open to anyone unpublished, not published in the last three years, or those with five books
or less, traditionally or indie published as of April 1, 2017.

 60,000-100,000 words. (Can be a novel, several novellas, or short stories, as long as your minimum word count is 60,000) 

 Not just no, but hell no. lol Each entry must be an original work of fiction within the parameters of this contest.

 Work must be started after April 1st 2017 and finished by midnight on January 15th  2018. This gives you 9 months to Finish The Damn Book!
FINISHED means your work must sparkle and shine, be in manuscript format, and with minimal errors—just as if you were ready to snag an editor or an agent with this book.  UNEDITED WORK is not a finished book. 

 CAN I ENTER MORE THAN ONE BOOK IF I WRITE FAST?:  Yes. You can enter more than one book. Fill in a new entry form and pay a separate fee for each work.

YOU will know, and you won't have the amazing satisfaction of being proud to have risen to the challenge. You'll get the certificate if you say you FTDB, and the pin, and the pretty ribbon. You'll feel great shame displaying or wearing your pin. Just saying. Do this for yourself. Prove to yourself that you can do this, and do this well. This is a challenge. Rise to it! You can do it. I'm your cheering team. I WANT you to succeed. I will it. LOL.


• A finished book!
• Confirmation that you are one of the 2% who finished writing a complete book!
• Bragging rights.
• Become part of a dedicated FTDB group and receive weekly encouragement, tips on the writing process, answers to your burning             writing questions, and receive kicks in the butt- er- motivation to help you stay on track, and keep you focused on your goal.
• A personalized Certificate of Completion.
• A Finish the Damn Book! I Did it! pin.
• A conference badge FTDB ribbon.
• Entry into the drawing, where one randomly selected winner will receive the Grand Prize.


There had to be a grand prize because a) I love prezzies and b) it's the carrot on the stick to keep everyone *motivated*. But the REAL prize is *finishing* your damn book.

The qualified, randomly selected, FTDB Challenge 2017 winner will receive:

 Your FTDB manuscript professionally copy edited. Editorial Services will include content and line edit of the completed manuscript,            turned around in 2 weeks. Edits will be applied to the completed manuscript via track changes, with content/story notes                              detailing plot holes or suggestions to improve the story.
 A fabulous cover. A professional cover designer will work with you to perfect a fabulous cover for your eBook (limitations on edits              to cover and purchase of cover art images apply).
 Your edited manuscript will be eBook formatted and ready to upload to vendors such as Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo.
 A two-week Blog Tour to promote your fabulous new book.
 A paid Romantic Times Conference fee for 2018 (hotel and airfare not included).


• January 16th 2018: A randomly selected winner will be contacted and instructed where to send their completed, dazzling fabulous              manuscript for editing. You will have 24 hours to comply with the instructions.
• January 18th 2018 MIDNIGHT: If I haven't heard back from you after trying to call you, email you, Facebook you, and sending                    assorted carrier pigeons, another name will be drawn as I sob for your loss! BE READY FOR THAT CALL! If you change your                    number, take a walk on the moon, or think you will be otherwise unavailable, you'd better let me know in that return email on                   • January 1st. (Yes, I know it’s the holidays and you'll be swamped. This is important! Set a calendar alert and be ready to                            respond). You will not be eligible to win if I can't freaking FIND you! Be ready.
• January 16th 2018: The winning manuscript will be forwarded to your editor who will be ready to start work on it right away.
• By February 6th 2018: You will receive your edited manuscript back from your editor.
• By February 15th, 2018: Your cover artist will email you with questions about what you'd like for your cover. 
• March: You will be given the information on how to claim your Romantic Times conference fee prize.
• By March 20th, 2018 your revisions, suggested by your editor, should be done.
• March 20th 2018: You will be put into contact with the people running your two week blog tour to arrange content and start dates.
• March 25th 2018: Your book will be sent to the formatter to put it into an eBook format. You'll be given options for type face, font                size, and any embellishments. (I'm excited for you already!)
• April  15th 2018: Your FTDB will be ready for you to upload to Amazon, Kobo, etc.
• 2018: You will attend the Romantic Times conference. 


• March/April 2017: Sign up for the FTDB challenge here. Complete the entry form and pay the entry fee
• APRIL 1st 2017: Book MUST be started AFTER April 1st 2017 (Plotting, building characters and research etc. can be done prior to           this date))
• April: You will receive an e mail asking you to sign you up for the FTDB Challenge Support Group on Facebook. (don't panic, you             do NOT have to participate. Just choose special notices that'll I'll send out periodically to keep you updated)
• April 2017 - January 15th 2018: WRITE THE BOOK!
• January 1st 2018: You will receive an e mail asking you if your book WILL be not only finished, but finished and polished, ready for           an editor's sharp red pen by January 15th. Anyone not responding will be presumed lost in incomplete action and will make me                 very, very sad!
 January 15, 2018: Your FTDB entry must be complete.  You must send me confirmation that your book is finished and polished to a            high shine no later than midnight. 
 January 16th 2018: A randomly selected winner will be contacted and instructed where to send their completed, dazzling fabulous              manuscript for editing. You will have 24 hours to comply with the instructions.
 January 20th 2018: Certificates, I Did It pins, and FTDB ribbons will be mailed out to everyone who swears they have finished and            polished their entry. This is a proud moment, enjoy it

 Q & A

Q: How soon can I enter?
A: You can enter right now as long as the challenge book isn't started before April 1st, 2017. (hot link active March 1st)

Q: When do entries close? 
A: You can enter up until June 1st 2017, but the Finish The Damn Book deadline of January 15th 2018 holds.

Q: What if I don't want or need something in my Grand Prize package? Can I give it to a friend? 
A: No, you can't. If you choose not to accept an element of the Grand Prize, another drawing will be held, and that portion of the grand prize will be offered to the winner of that drawing instead. For example: If your intention is to sell your FTDB Challenge book to a traditional publisher, you won't need the cover art or the formatting, so that portion of the grand prize will be given to another winner. But if you win, you'll scoop up everything else.  

Q: How long will I have to complete my edits before my revised book is sent to the formatter? 
A: About 6 weeks. 

Q: After I've done my revisions from the Copy Editor, should I send my manuscript to another editor for line edits? 
A: You can, or you can have several beta readers go over it for final tweaks and typos. Just ensure that the manuscript is as clean and polished as you can make it. This will be the last chance you have to play with it before it goes to the formatter. 

Q: Where do I send my book when it's finished?
A: You don't send in the completed manuscript. Only the winner sends me the completed manuscript and its immediately sent to the editor.

Q: Where do I send notice that my book is finished on January 15th 2018? 
A: You'll respond to the email sent on the 1st, asking if it's finished

Q: What if I finish my book before the deadline?:

If you are finished and polished, keep going. If you want to have it professionally edited and proofed, and publish (either by sending it to a publisher, or self publishing). DO it, don't stop to see if you'll win the *one* Grand prize!
The drawing will be random. If you've already done all of the above, and you win, you'll get the prize to use for your *next* book. (whether you enter next years FTDB challenge or not.)
Please don't just sit on a completed book and wait. Do whatever you need/want to do to get it published before January 15th! Don't worry. The winner will win - no mater what!

Q: What if I have questions: 
A: Ask anything you like in our FTDB fb group.


You'll automatically be signed up for the FTDB Facebook Support Group. (If you do not have an invitation within 7 days of signing up- let me know  If you DO NOT want to be part of the group, no problem, just opt out and choose the option to only receive special notices. (Special notices will be few and far between but meaningful). 

What are you waiting for? "Hot link active March 1st" to sign up for the Finish the Damn Book Challenge 2017

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