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Ultimate Video Player Ricochet | Cherry Adair - New York Times Bestselling Author

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Hannah Endicott's only purpose for traveling half a world away to Ecuador is to retrieve what her feckless best friend appropriated to invest in yet another bad business venture.  Unwillingly drawn into meeting his new associates, she overhears a nefarious plot and instantly goes from irritated to terrified.

The right person, in the wrong place, at the worst possible time...

When T-FLAC operative Grayson Burke and his team storm the yacht, the last person he expects to find is the woman he stood up at the altar three years ago. Now she’s in his deadly world…

When his brother and the diamonds disappear, Hannah suddenly becomes Gray’s only hope of locating his quarry and retrieving the stolen money. Low on her stock of insulin injections, Hannah’s inability to remain with Gray is rapidly advancing to a critical end.  Now his entire world turns into a time bomb ticking away the minutes.  Gray must choose between his brother, his mission, and the woman he loves.


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