Terrorist Force Logistic Assault Command

Vitute et Armis Fide Mea Semper Frater
By courage and by arms. On my word of honor. Always brothers.

As the Cold War fell to bits of rubble, top level government officials and those in the private sector saw a new breed of organization gain momentum. The major threats no longer hinged on the posturing of super powers. An even more dangerous enemy emerged – small, well-funded guerilla groups began to drive fear into the lives of people all over the world. They were rich, connected, quiet, determined and often preferred killing to make their point.

Governments paralyzed by the rule of law and international treaties and conventions required months to react. Because of this, a new industry was born – private anti-terrorist organizations. Premier among them is T-FLAC.

Geoffrey Wright, Lucas Sullivan, and Katrina DeGlaure founded T-FLAC utilizing their connections – political, military and scientific. Headquartered at a sprawling complex in Montana, they recruited and trained the first operatives in the 1980s. T-FLAC specialized in difficult, sticky situations, often hired quietly by officials whose hands were otherwise tied.

Every candidate faced a grueling test of ability, courage, ethics and loyalty. For the safety and integrity of the organization field operatives work in small teams. The identities of operatives is closely held information, shared only on a need-to-know basis. Operatives often go years, even their entire careers - without knowing the identities of the other T-FLAC agents in the organization.

T-FLAC agents know their code by rote. Vitute et armis, Fide mea. Semper Frater. Courage and by arms. On my word of honor. Always brothers.

Agents can be male or female. Young or old. They are your neighbors. Your friends. Your guardians. Protecting the innocent is a calling. Destroying terror wherever it breeds is a mandate.

They are the men and women of T-FLAC.