Terrorist Force Logistic Assault Command
Mission Statement

Vision: To be the world’s leading provider of strategic, logistical and technological solutions while retaining anonymity as individuals.
Mission: Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command (T-FLAC) effectively and efficiently integrates resources, technology and experience to provide top-level solutions to the most difficult situations. We exceed expectations where others fail. Guided by courage, ingenuity, innovation and a desire for a safer world, T-FLAC professionals utilize state-of-the-art training, innovative technology and logistical solutions to deliver results world-wide. T-FLAC recognizes that in this post-Cold War era, terrorism is the primary threat to democratic principles across the world. Our combat missions are directed at the base of global terror operations. T-FLAC’s mission is to eliminate all such threats by all, and any means at our disposal.

T-FLAC Core Values
Ethics: For the ancient Greeks, the word meant “character.” For Aristotle, the study of ethics was the study of excellence or the virtues of character. It has come to mean the study and practice of the “good life,” the kind of life people ought to live.
In our time, the concept of ethics has broadened to include not only the characteristics of the good person, but also the “best practices” in various professions, among them medicine, the law, the military. We are committed to serving, and expect the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior and adherence to a universally accepted core of values from all our employees

Teamwork: There is no “I” in team, just as there is no “I” in T-FLAC. We function as a uniformly coordinated collection of experience and expertise, where all members of the company work to bring about innovation and solutions that serve our mission to the highest degree possible.

Courage: Fear is only that which we have not overcome. In T-FLAC courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the determination that our mission is of more importance than the fear and the resulting strength and focus, which arises from that determination.
Respect: Each member of the team is essential. We give, and expect in return, respect for others, their beliefs, and their unique perspectives and ideas. We realize that like technologically advanced piece of equipment, each element must work with precision, independently, but in unison, to produce precise results.
Innovation: We encourage, appreciate, and seek out the best of the best superior performance in all areas of operations. We recognize that there are always opportunities for improvement and we strive to elevate expectations and exceed in situations that others deem impossible.

Counterterrorism Policy:
1. NO negotiation, make no concessions to terrorists.
2. Bring terrorists to justice for their crimes no matter who or where they are.
3. Isolate and apply pressure on states that sponsor terrorism, forcing them to change their behavior either overtly or covertly.
4. Bolster the counterterrorism capabilities of those countries friendly to the mandates of the U.S.
5. Improve counterterrorism cooperation with foreign governments and participate in the development, coordination, and implementation of American counterterrorism policy in accordance with the policies of the United States Government.

International Terrorism:
T-FLAC will make no concessions to individuals or groups holding official or private U.S. citizens hostage. Our operatives will use every resource necessary to gain the safe return of American citizens being held hostage. At the same time, it is our policy to deny hostage takers the benefits of ransom, prisoner releases, policy changes, or other acts of concession.

Areas of Expertise:
• Find and retrieve critical personnel and/or property
• Full-range of armaments
• Hard target and soft target risk assessment
• Critical infrastructure assurance
• Physical elimination of terrorist cells
• Homeland and executive security
• Combat/demilitarization
• Nonproliferation/counter-proliferation
• Intelligence
• Private protection of Foreign Dignitaries
• Counterintelligence
• Persons of Special Interest - Snatch and Grab